Where is it cheapest to buy a OnePlus phone?

With OnePlus available across several countries, I have done a comparison of a handful of countries for the cost of OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T.

I have used the base currency as INR (Indian Rupee) as the OnePlus brand is hugely popular in India. It becomes apparent very quickly that out of the four countries (Canada, UK, US and India) US is the best place to buy the phone and you will have to shell most amount of money if you buy any OnePlus phone in UK.


In UK, OnePlus 5 6GB model is a whopping 25% expensive than US. Other countries and models have smaller differences. So if you are a OnePlus fan travelling to US for few weeks, you know what to do.

Note: All the prices have been taken from the official OnePlus sites for these countries and exchange rates provided by Google search has been used. I tried to include China but the site was not in English, so could not proceed further.

Uber free ride up to $20

If you are registering as first time Uber user, use the code below to get CAD 20 ($20)* off on your first ride.


Easy steps to use this code.

  1. Install Uber app and register with your mobile number and email address
  2. Once inside the app, in the menu go to Payment section.
  3. Under Promotions sub-heading, select Add promo/gift code
  4. Enter the code above and select Add

The code works for Canada, has been tried in Toronto. But should also work for other locations where Uber operates. Valid for the months of June, July, August 2017

*Note: CAD 20 is being offered at the time of posting this. Uber can change this based on their policies. Usually equivalent is offered in other currencies.